The Board of Management (Board) is authorized under Section 6 of the Land Surveyors Act with the Board responsibilities or functions being identified under Section 7. The Bylaws, Part B, bylaw 2 further identifies the powers and responsibilities of the Board.

Election of the Board and Executive Offices is determined in the Bylaws in Part B, bylaw 4. A Vice President is elected annually for a two-year term in which the second year he/she will serve as President. Additionally the Board has four (4) elected members and four appointees being the Past President, a Lieutenant Governor in Council appointed public member, the Surveyor General of BC and a member appointed to serve as Secretary. Elected members are elected for a two-year term and may run for additional terms or run for the position of Vice President. Elections are held at the Association annual general meeting currently held in March annually.

The Board generally meets three times per year in a full meeting environment and fills in other times of the year with teleconferences. Occasionally there will be further meetings/workshops for topics such as strategic planning, open forums or the occasional hearing for discipline purposes.

Read the Association of BC Land Surveyors reports, minutes and bylaws.

Following is the current makeup of the Board:

NameRoleTerm ExpiryOther   
Shauna GoertzenPresidentMarch 2021Vice President, March 2020
Dave RutherfordVice PresidentMarch 2021
Chris CrydermanPast PresidentMarch 2021President March 2020
Dan MachonMember at LargeMarch 2021
Mark MasonMember at LargeMarch 2021
Dave SwaileMember at LargeMarch 2022
Mike ThomsonMember at LargeMarch 2022
Neil HainLGIC Public AppointeeNovember 2020
Abigail FultonLGIC Public AppointeeJuly 2021
Lesley SickSecretaryAppointed by the Board
Cristin SchlossbergerSurveyor GeneralAppointed to the role of Surveyor General by the Land Title & Survey Authority of BC