Survey Rules

Survey and Plan Rules

Survey and Plan Rule Changes 2020-01 through 2020-09

Survey and Plan Rules V1.3-21-07-15

The following Interpretive Bulletins, Practice Advisories, and associated articles are posted in support of the Survey and Plan Rules.

IB2021-01 Natural Boundaries on Posting Plans
IB2018-01 Survey Evidence SPR 2-8 and 3-8
IB2018-02 Evidence of Occupation and Survey Letters
IB2018-03 Parent Parcel Requirements
IB2018-04 Strata Lot Boundaries

PA2018-01 Plan Requirements Following DLT Practice Note 01-18
PA2018-02 Building Strata Plans

Accuracy Standards in the Survey and Plan Rules
Electronic Checklist Registry – Notice to Members November 14, 2018
SPR Database – Notice to Members November 15, 2018

Survey and Plan Rule Change Request Template This link is to a MS Word document which will not open in your browsers. Please save the file and then you can use the Word document to create your rule change request.

Survey and Plan Rules Exemption Procedure

LTSA Requirements

Members should be aware that the Land Title and Survey Authority periodically issues requirements for surveys and plans under various statutes. These requirements can be found at the following links.

Electronic Land Title Plan and Plan Application Requirements

Surveyor General Circular Letters

Historical Volumes