Disciplinary Matters

Summons published by the Association of BC Land Surveyors contain unproven allegations against a land surveyor that will be considered at a discipline hearing. The purpose of a discipline hearing is for the Board of Management to determine the validity of the allegations.

Disciplinary hearings are usually open to the public. Anyone interested in attending a hearing should contact the Association of BC Land Surveyors in advance to confirm the time and location.

Consent OrderChristopher de Haan, BCLS2021-06-10
Consent OrderDarrin Connatty, BCLS2021-02-19
Consent OrderLiming (Raymond) Yuan, BCLS2021-02-10
Consent OrderRichard Fu, BCLS2021-02-10
Consent Order Thomas Hoyt, BCLS2020-04-17
Consent OrderBrian Elliott, BCLS2020-04-17
Consent OrderAi Jian (Albert) Wang, BCLS2020-04-14
Consent OrderJohnson Tam, BCLS2020-02-18
Consent OrderLiming (Raymond) Yuan, BCLS2019-11-15
Hearing Held on
June 12, 2020
Ying (James) Cheng, BCLSABCLS Office
Consent OrderRobin Kenyon, BCLS2019-08-22
Hearing Held
October 2nd, 2019
Gordon Yu, BCLSABCLS Office
Consent OrderDan Machon, BCLS2019-07-12


Hearing decisions are written after a land surveyor has appeared before the Board of Management or admitted to an agreed statement of facts and penalty approved by the Board of Management. Below are decisions issued during the past ten years. Enquiries about earlier decisions should be directed to the Secretary of the Association.